About Us

“We believe there is a huge untapped potential in New Zealand production systems just waiting to be realised, we enjoy helping producers unlock that potential. There is no greater satisfaction in agriculture than being witness to the enjoyment farmers get out of farming successfully” Raymond Burr & Donna Campbell

In a previous life we were dairy farmers in the King Country. We used the Qlabs [previously Quantum Laboratories] programme on our farm and it worked! When the opportunity arose for us to buy shares in the company, we jumped at the chance. In 2016 we purchased the remaining shares and rebranded to Qlabs Ltd.

Adding to our existing services we were recently granted a Patent on our Ruminant Nitrogen Utilisation Efficiency (RNUE) method. This is one of the most proactive advancements available to NZ pastoral agriculture. Farmers who have worked with us to develop this programme have enjoyed changing from thinking in ‘kg/DM/Ha’ to ‘what is the true value for my livestock and the environment?’ thought processes.